Eli Broemer

• Mechanical engineer

• Prototype designer

• Data analyst

I like building things and optimizing.

Preferred tools:

  • CAD
  • Python
  • 3D printing
  • Metals
  • Communication

📌 Lansing, MI

Eli Broemer headshot

Impact Tester

Cyclic oblique impact tester designed and fabricated for a major German research organization. Used to assess oblique wear on thin film coatings.

Fully functional device delivered and capable of >1500 lbs. impact force at 1 Hz.

Team project awarded first place in MSU design competition. 🥇

Tools used:

  • Mechanical design
  • CAD/FEM software (NX, Ansys)
  • Machine shop (Mill, cutting tools, sand blaster)
  • Parts catalogs for sourcing parts
  • 3D printing

Video shows first test of device on 1-inch steel tube.

Oblique impact on steel
Final result of repeated oblique impact on steel piece using our device.

Weld Inspection Table

Planned, designed full-feature weld inspection table to be integrated into automated weld line

Mechanical analysis of structure, sourcing parts, cost analysis

Independent presentation to company president of Tier 1 automotive supplier

Tools used:

  • Metals reference books
  • CAD software (AutoCAD, Solidworks)
  • Hand calculation of structural stresses
  • Parts catalogs for sourcing parts
Weld quality inspection table

3D model of human thigh

MRI Thigh Finite Element Analysis

3D reconstruction of whole human thigh.

Created method to model the femur, muscles, and fat tissues, and conducted FEM analyses.

Used to analyze stress concentration areas in soft tissue. These simulations were used to assess long-term seating conditions which may cause pressure ulcers.

Validated by optimizing material properties with location-specific pressure tests on human thigh.

Tools used:

  • Photoshop
  • CAD software (NX)
  • FEM software (Abaqus, Hypermesh, FEBio)
  • MATLAB for optimization

3D Reconstruction Software

Independently developed software which converts 2D video of bladder filling into full 3D reconstruction and stress analysis.

Video data obtained from custom ex-vivo bladder filling device.

3D geometry and internal pressure measured during filling are used to inform the mechanical analysis.

Tools used:

  • Python
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Meshing tools (trimesh)
  • Algorithm development and optimization
  • Machine learning (Custom trained Unet)

Video shows stress mapping on bladder wall during filling (5x speed)

Engine bay

Car Maintenance

General repair and preventative maintenance on personal vehicle. Inspected by licensed mechanics. Daily driven.

Work includes:

  • Engine gasket replacement
  • Fuel injector upgrade
  • Body panel patching+painting
  • Full suspension and brake replacement
  • Painting frame with anti-rust coating
  • Brake line and fuel line replacement
Section of body panel replaced
Rear quarter body panel removed for replacement due to rust.